Online Services

Do you have a website? Does anyone look at it? Are you struggling to get the right people on to it and to connect with them in a way that makes a difference to your business?

Online engagement with customers is key to any business. Being visible online and able to communicate what you do or sell allows your audience to feel connected with your brand and makes them far more likely to engage with you.

If you aren’t sure where to start or just don’t have enough hours in the day then enlist some help. I offer :

  • Social Media Management: setting up profile, cover photo + profile photo designs, social media marketing, social media content creation, posts scheduling, ongoing full social media management
  • Blog Management: blog setup, blog design, blog copy writing or copy reading, WordPress migration, maintenance
  • Website Management:: Including web design, web maintenance (setup, bug fixes, content modifications, site optimization, WordPress transfer, back ups, technical support, integrating Cliniko or Healthkit etc )
  • Graphic Design:: banners, logos, image quotes, media kit design, buttons, badges
  • Search Engine Optimization: local SEO, website optimization (ON-site SEO), content optimization
  • Newsletters : set up, design and scheduling for regular newsletters and updates

This is by no means an exhaustive list and if you aren’t sure what you need then I’m more than happy to work through an online strategy with you.

So get in touch and see how you can start moving forward.