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How to make Popular Content your readers will share

Posting valuable, popular content. That’s what we all strive to do. Engaging with our readers in a meaningful way that results in Likes, Tweets, Shares, Followers and lots of great comments.  It doesn’t just happen […]

Caroline Creswell – A breakfast to remember!

I was delighted to join the “How Women Do Business” Breakfast Team this week for an amazing talk by Caroline Creswell, Founder and Owner of Carman’s Fine Food and for the opportunity to meet a […]

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Are you ready for a Virtual

Are you ready for a Virtual Assistant ?

What’s a Virtual Assistant? Do I need a Virtual Assistant? What would I do with a Virtual Assistant? Am I ready for a Virtual Assistant? Why am I obsessed with Virtual Assistants….  Well because I […]

8 Tips for Hiring the Right Virtual Assistant

So you’ve heard about a Virtual Assistant (VA) and you are trying to work out if maybe you want one – but you’re not sure where to start. We all know someone who has a […]

8 Tips to hiring the perfect VA -

#7 - Being a Fancy Pants - Part of the 7 Deadly business sins from

#7 Being a fancy pants

You have a great product, a great idea, you could be the next Facebook you could be reading this on your mega yacht this time next year because you’re going to be big . .B […]