Natalie from Six Dots

Hello, I’m Natalie and I’m the human behind Six Dots. My superpower is that I can create time. . . well I can give you back time by doing the jobs that you don’t have time for.  My other superpower – I bake ludicrously good cakes.

So fire away. What would you like to know about me?

What do you do? 

One of my client’s described me as her business fairy godmother. She had told me what she wanted to achieve for the year and I put together some plans that would free up her time. So instead of having to do her bookkeeping, build her brand on social media and keep her customers ( both old and new) updated on what was happening she entrusted that part of the business to me and she got on with signing some new labels and opening up a new showroom. At the end of the year when we looked back over all that we had achieved she was delighted with how she had progressed and what would be possible in 2015!

Why do you do it? 

Because I love it! I’m passionate about seeing people realise their dreams. I have launched and run a number of businesses in the UK and Dubai and I know what’s involved. I know that when you are a small business being flexible and having scalable, skilled resources at hand can make the difference between sinking and swimming. So I am living the dream working alongside passionate business owners to grow and develop their businesses.

So who do you work with? 

Anyone who has a dream and needs a hand to build it.

Why should I work with you? 

Because after we’ve talked through what you’re trying to achieve this year and you’ve heard the massive click of all the pieces sliding into place you’ll just not want to go back to how you were working before.