Save yourself 35 hours a week with these 10 Free Productivity Apps

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done when you run your own business. You don’t have the option to simply STOP doing things, so Working Smart not Hard is the way forward. These are my absolute essential Free Productivity Apps

  1. Jing – Time Saved – 5 hours

I spend a lot of time explaining things to people and I used to write detailed instructions with screen shots. Not anymore! I now use Jing to just record my screen as I narrate. I can then upload the video and share the link. So whether it’s a tutorial on how to use sections of wordpress or the responses I want to send to the 30 emails in a client’s inbox  – I just tell you whats going on and you can watch on the screen.

  1. Trello – Time Saved – 3 hours

The easiest way to collaborate on any project! Breaking Projects down into Boards and then moving cards (tasks) from To Do to Done means that anyone can see what needs doing at a glimpse. You can also assign tasks to users so you know who is doing what

  1. Slack – Time Saved – 4 hours

Instant messaging that can be divided into subgroups for specific projects. All chats are archived and searchable and support attachments and embedded links. I prefer slack to email for communications on projects as it avoids the group emails and allows for better collaboration.

  1. Pocket  – Time saved – 3 hours

When I come across an interesting article online I save it to pocket to read later or distribute. The more I use pocket the better it gets at anticipating the types or articles I want to  read – so I spend less time looking for them. This is great for curating content I want to share online or for gather sources for articles I am researching.

  1. IFTTT  (If This Then That)    Time Saved – 10 Hours

The possibilities are pretty much endless with IFTTT logic bots – not bad for a totally FREE productivity app. And once you get your head around them you will wonder how you survived. I have them on my phone to automatically text my husband just before I run out of battery, let him know when I get to the train station and (the most valuable of all) that will make my phone ring VERY LOUDLY when I tell my phone it’s lost.

For work these save me the most time as they automatically –

  • record all the invoices, orders and receipts that come into my inbox to a spreadsheet,
  • Put Trello tasks in my calendar and schedule recurring cards
  • share items I save on pocket or like on Medium to my linkedin connections,
  • Post content from twitter, youtube or insta direct to facebook dependent on the hastags used.
  • Send me breaking news on industries, technologies, companies or specific people on email and to my slack channels.
  1. Calendly Time Saved – 2 hours

If you have a lot of meetings to schedule and are not a big fan of the back and forth of trying to find an available time then this is the one for you! You can share your calendar so that everyone can see when you are available and book in their appointment. Once you have this configured correctly you will never have to try and pick a free lunch date again!

  1. Blinkist Time Saved – 3 hours

I love to read, but I don’t always get the time to read everything I want to. Blinkist is today what Cliff Notes were at school. It is the whole book condensed down into a 15 minute read / audio. So you can always be up to date with new management or leadership books without having to stay up too late reading the whole book. . . Save that for when you are by the pool!

  1. Gyst –  Time Saved 2 hours

As a military brat I’m always a big fan of acronyms so this killed me from the start. I send a lot of texts and being able to manipulate my text inbox the way I do my email inbox is turn texts straight into  normally around the same time and

  1. LastPassTime Saved – 1hour

Keeping everything in one placed is so much easier and not having it on a sticky note on your desk is even better! Lastpass will generate safe password for your accounts and store them securely for you so you won’t be stuck waiting on a reset password email. You can also store all your personal digital records here (like insurance details, licenses, etc), It works on your mobile device and laptop!

  1. Dropbox Time Saved – 2 hours

If you collaborate on documents or share large files back and forth then this will definitely save you time. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will know that dropbox is the most popular online storage depository.  It plugs straight into most services so you can also wave goodbye to having to upload documents to web clients.


And there you have it – 10 totally FREE productivity apps that save me a whole working week in time!

What are you favourite productivity apps and why?

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